Seeing Very Difficult Puzzles

Our system analyzes requests in real-time and takes many variables into account when a puzzle is requested. You may have triggered our fraud detection and were flagged in our system. Viewing or cycling through a lot of CAPTCHAs without solving them within a time period exhibits behavior similar to a bot or automated system. This can cause the system to increase the difficulty of puzzles being served to a user. Regular users should not see puzzles that have high difficulty. If you allow some time to pass, the system will not see the you as an immediate threat and you should receive normal puzzles.

If you or your users persistently experience extremely difficult CAPTCHAs, we suggest reporting a problem. End-users can report problems they encounter by clicking the question mark icon on the widget, then clicking on "report a problem", and submitting the form that appears. This will help us identify any problems that may exist.

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