Receive Payment for US Publishers

In order to receive payment, there are three conditions that must be met.  As long as they are satisfied, payment will automatically be sent according to our Net60 terms, and it is not necessary to request a payment.

In order to receive payments as a Publisher in the United States:

  1. Once your account reaches the $200 threshold (and maintains it), payment will be made monthly within 60 days of your sign-up date. If the $200 threshold is not met in an invoice period, the balance is carried over to the next month. For example, if you signed up on November 23rd, payment will be made within 60 days of the 23rd for every month you make at least $200.
  2. Submit a completed Form W-9 ( to [email protected].  Instructions for completing the form can be found here: (
  3. We will send a check to the address on record in our system (, we can also PayPal funds to an email account provided, or deposit the funds directly into a bank account.  If you require PayPal payments, please provide the appropriate email address to be used by sending it to [email protected]. If you would like the funds to be deposited directly into a bank account, please fill out a copy of the attached ACH authorization form, and send it to [email protected]

Due to the large number of forms that we receive, it is not possible to send a confirmation for each form received.  The Accounting Team will reach out if there is any problem with the submitted form.  It generally takes about a week for a form to be processed and reviewed.

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