All Responses Are Accepted, Still Getting Spam

Implementing the Solve Media widget consists of two parts:

1. Adding the HTML and JavaScript code to the form where you want the widget to display

2. Adding the server-side code to your form processing script to verify answers to the puzzle

If the widget is displayed on your page and you are still having issues with spam, it is likely because the puzzle answers are not being verified correctly, meaning the user is not treated any differently whether the puzzle was correctly or incorrectly completed. This will result in you seeing Impressions, but 0 Solves on your page in the Dashboard, and may allow forms to be submitted with any answer in the widget.

In order to fix this issue, ensure that code to display the widget is inside of a <form> tag. Include a POST method in your form that points to the form processing file that contains the proper verification code.

If you are using one of our Developers API’s place the corresponding “check answer” method in your form processing file, with the appropriate parameters. Please refer to the “Process Answer” section of that API’s library page on our portal for details.

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